My best advice: "Showbiz is complicated. You need an experienced attorney."


I have been fortunate to work with legendary  filmmakers,  musicians and actors including Hank Garland and Bill Rice, who played with, and wrote for Elvis; the incomparable Jaco Pastorius;  Academy Award winners Ernest Borgnine and Mickey Rooney, and the  great team at Haxan Films who gave me the  opportunity to be part of the highest grossing indie film of all time, The Blair Witch Project.   I learned  much  about creativity, business, and life, from them.  

Entertainment  is in a new phase of technology.   Digital media has replaced most of the traditional analog and linear formats and means of distribution and marketing. Film cameras use memory chips instead of film mags. Recording studios work with complex software to create digital masters.  Your creativity is the foundation of your music,  film,  or profession in entertainment.  Because the technology and  scope of "showbiz' is extremely complicated  I help you  understand how  business is structured, and advise you on protecting your creative work, building a solid business foundation, "branding" your production company, and surrounding yourself with experienced professionals. 



Miami Connection starring international Grandmaster Y. K. Kim, was the first film I  worked on, in the late 1980s.  In 2014 after the film was re-released by Drafthouse Films for its 25th year anniversary it became an instant cult hit, and was profitable in its first quarterly accounting! 

 Haxan Film's The Blair Witch  Project, for which I earned screen credit as Attorney, grossed over $140MM in its theatrical run.



In addition to providing a wide range of entertainment law services I have built relationships with some of the most successful and creative people in  film and music.

 I understand the creative process and I love working with creative people.


No confidentiality, client relationship, or attorney client privilege is established by sending an email query.

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